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When you sign-up for a Global Town Hall it is like reserving yourself a seat in our Virtual Auditorium. Seats will be given out until we are full, something we have to experiment with at this point.

We will send you confirmation that you are signed up in a few minutes. And we will send you information how you can ask questions and if you lucky to be chosen how you can be in the special virtual auditorium section where you wil be able to interact directly by voice and video with our guests on stage.

Then we will remind you 2 days before, 1 day before, and 1 hour before, so you can be in the auditorium and ready to spend the exciting hour with us at one of our unique Global Town Halls!

Our Global Town Halls will begin precisely on time so make sure you get into your seat a few minutes before the hour. And our Global Town Halls will end in one hour. A select group of those who attend the Global Town Hall will be invited to stay for another hour in a smaller group that will be able to see and talk with our guest for another hour after a five minute break.

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