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Upcoming Global Town Halls

Here we will provide information about who will be featured at the upcoming Global Town Halls, how to sign up for them and be automatically  reminded, how questions and audience interaction will be arranged for a limited number of participants.

Also...links to transcripts and recordings of past Global Town Halls

Also...suggestion link for those with suggestions for improvements and future guests.


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TIME RUNNING OUT for Global Warming!    Future Date from Princeton  
Princeton's Prof. Oppenheimer with the Dire Facts

CRISIS Middle East   Future Date from Beirut   
The one and only Robert Fisk tells it like it really is!

WAR Crimes?    Future Date from India     
Arudhati Roy and Richard Falk Tell the Bold Truth

POPULATION CRISIS!   Future Date/From   
What Needs To Be Done, Why, and How

PEACE PROCESS Did You Say?     Future Date from Damascus.  
Moussa Abu Marzook with the US-censored Palestinian view

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